Online Accounting for Modern Businesses

The way you do business is changing.
You want flexibility and more control.
You want better data to increase profits.

You want an accountant that keeps up.

Here are three ways the accounting for your business should work –


Completely Online

First, good service and advice is not restricted to a physical location. You use the internet for almost everything. It makes sense that your accounting is online too.   

As an online CPA accounting firm, we are built on the latest cloud apps so we can support entrepreneurs with their online tools. You’ve created your business around those tools – we can easily plug into what you’re already using and we’ll never ask you to switch tools.

We help businesses create and maintain automated workflows. This reduces your costs and increases the quality of service you offer to your customers.    


Do work when you have time, not just at your desk – upload receipts, send invoices, and sign anything from your phone. 


You won’t have to print off reports or send another bank statement. Our system works with your apps and tools.  


Never waste time going to an accountant’s office again. We are where you are by phone, Zoom, or text.   


Get the help you want when you need it. Don’t worry about paying to contact your accountant again. 


Painless tax returns and GST/HST

Second, we offer end to end bookkeeping and tax preparation. The majority of the work that a year-end accountant does is correct and adjust the bookkeeper’s work – We remove that redundant work and those extra costs.  We review and complete your work every month, so your books are always up to date.

At tax time, your books are ready well before the filing deadlines so there are no marathon sessions to find receipts, collect statements or answer annoying accountant questions. 

We can also do your payroll, so you don’t worry about monthly payroll remittances and T4s at the end of the year. 


Real -Time

Your books are always up to date, so you won’t worry about CRA’s deadlines anymore.  


You won’t need that box full of tax stuff. All tax and GST/HST returns are paperless. Easy to store – easy to find. 

Professional CPAs

Your return will be prepared and reviewed by a CPA, who is trained and qualified to prepare taxes. 

Save Money

You will never have to pay your bookkeeper and then your accountant as well for looking at the same information. 


Data to Build Strategy

Third, all good strategy is build on data. Strategies for financial growth must use financial data. Only looking at your financial information at tax time won’t allow you to create a successful strategy to increase profits.   

With an integrated accounting system you will be able to capture and organize your financial data.  You will get better insight into your business’ performance and how to tune and increase your profits.

Stop Guessing

You won’t have to rely on your bank balance or your gut to know how your business is performing.   


You will understand what portions of your business are most profitable so you can focus your marketing and selling.    


With good, organized data you will know exactly the equipment, head count, and resources needed to grow.   


Clearly see the goals you want for your business and create the map to get you there. Work on, not in, your business more.  

The CRA continues to increase the number of reviews and audits small businesses face. We offer audit insurance, so you won’t have to pay additional accounting fees for a CRA audit.  

What our Clients say

Alyssa G., CEO

“Working with Gyroscope means not having to worry about my business’ finances at all. This is a major weight off my shoulders and is the help I need that I would be lost without.”

The Clever Nod Inc. 

Jordan S., Owner

“Gyroscope has made me feel confident that they are looking out for the best interests of my business. Their proactive communication and candid, ‘matter-of-fact’ honesty are refreshing!”

All Slopes Roofing, Inc. 

Eliese B., CEO

“Gyroscope is incredibly approachable and is always available for my questions. They work to understand my unconventional business.  We’ve never felt so financially organized.”

ABC Bees

Pricing Plans

We try to keep things as simple and predictable as possible. You will know exactly how much your accounting and bookkeeping will cost at the beginning of the year. 

We don’t like old, traditional hourly fee models. There is no incentive for us to improve our workflows and operations. It would be hard to say we are efficiency experts if we billed our clients hourly.

Basic Scope
Basic support for simple bookkeeping and getting your GST/HST and income tax done.
This plan is best for a solopreneur who needs to take off a few hats
Includes 30 monthly transactions
Complete monthly bookkeeping
Annual tech assessment
Annual T2 corporate tax return
Annual Notice to reader
Annual GST/HST filings
Annual T5/T4 for Shareholders
Unlimited accounting support
Annual budget and forecast support
Foreign currency support
Select Plan
Full Scope
The most support for small businesses that want their back office operations taken care of.
This plan is best for a larger business with less than 10 employees
Includes 200 monthly transactions
Complete monthly bookkeeping
Annual tech assessment
Annual corporate tax return
Annual Notice to reader
Quarterly GST/HST filings
Annual T5/T4 for Shareholders
Unlimited accounting support
Annual budget and forecast support
Foreign currency support
Select Plan

Please note that the cost of Xero and other apps to run your business are not included in the above pricing plans.     

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