People & Tech

The Right Mix

We know that all businesses need tailored solutions and advice. We focus on getting to know you and then creating systems to support your business. 

We know good business starts with good relationships.


We are a lean team focused on working with clients that share the same goals as we do. We want to be connected to our community and help others grow. We are constantly learning and trying new things.

We talk a lot about being a partner because that is how we see your business. We not only share your work but your roadblocks, frustrations, and successes.


Keeping up with technology is a matter of survival.

Bookkeeping and Accounting is an industry that has been impacted deeply by technology. As technology continues to evolve we expect to as well. Our plans include not being obsolete in five years.

We constantly look for ways to be offer value in the work that we do and the tools we use. We are not afraid to use new technology in our firm and consequently we have created incredible proficiencies.

We offer fixed fee pricing packages because we use technology and are focused on improving our own efficiencies. A traditional hourly based accountant has no incentive to be faster or more efficient. We advise our clients that same way we run our firm – be lean and efficient while delivering top-tier service.

See how the latest technology can increase your company’s profitability.