We use the cloud more than ever before. We have come to depend on the cloud for many things we do. Through the cloud we play music while we exercise, we deliver products and services to customers, and we store the season finale from that unnamed show we have become all too wrapped up in. My reasons for loving the cloud as I run my business come from my own as well as the experiences of my clients.

One – freedom and mobility
Owning a small business can be very difficult at times. However, one of the benefits is not having to always be present to punch a time clock. The work that we do, as business owners, should be as untethered as well. My clients use the cloud to invoice their customers on site, check vendor payment details on the go, and review cash flow projections at the time of important decisions. You can carry almost of all your supportive business functions in your pocket.

Two – eliminate the admin
Most admin work revolves around getting and staying organized. We spend very little time doing the actual work, but rather spend the time trying to remember or gather simple details. The cloud allows my clients to do most of their business admin work on the go and in small chunks. When you complete the admin work in the moment, the details, typically searched out at a later date, get captured right away. No need to look for receipts, comb through bank transactions or search emails. You can devote more time to growing your business instead of pushing paper.

Three – real-time support
In a perfect world, we would know what opportunity is waiting for us around the corner. Sadly, we do not, but having the support and information to take advantage of those events is the next best option. The cloud can provide timely and accessible accounting results in real time. The cloud gives you profound insight to work through such business decisions at a reduced cost. You can be agile and more proactive in making decisions in your company.

Every business should explore the benefits that are available to them through the cloud. The view is always better from the cloud.