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Photography businesses are unique. Having an accountant that understands how and what you do changes everything.

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You didn’t start your business to worry about accounting.

We keep up so you can get back to why
you started your business.

You need good equipment.

You have a few bodies and a lot more lens and flashes. You have more SD cards or external hard drives that you can count. And your Macbook Pro is key. 

What is the best tax plan for buying new equipment? When should I buy a new computer?

Home offices and studios allow you to write of a portion of your home’s operating expenses.  

Let’s maximize your tax deductions.

We work with your tools

Your client software has made sending proposals and getting paid super easy.

We keep up with client management software. We can easily plug into your tools and retrieve the info we need. We’ll never ask you to use something else.

Second Shooters help your business grow. We can help reduce the admin work while working with contractors.

You have different types of customers

Your profit margin changes based on the customers you’re working work.

Get insight into what types of customers are most profitable and how to keep more of the pie.

Some customers pay in advance for your time. That payment is not considered revenue and you don’t have to pay tax on it until after the contract is complete.

Get started with three FREE months of bookkeeping