Being onside and on time with the CRA reduces stress, saves money and helps you focus on what’s important. 

Corporate tax

Corporate Tax Returns

  • T2 and Provincial corporate tax returns
  • Document storage and maintenance

GST/HST Filings

  • GST/HST and Provincial sales tax filings
  • Monthly, Quarterly and Annually

CRA audit representation

  • Representation to act on your behalf before the CRA
  • Monitoring of online access to CRA accounts

Tax Planning

  • Tailored plans for whatever stage your corporation is in
  • Stay up to date on tax legislation impacting your corporation
Payroll tax

Employee Payroll

  • Bi-weekly or Semi-monthly payroll pay periods
  • Direct deposits made to employees accounts

Secure portals

  • Secure individual employee portals
  • Email notifications for payroll communication

T4 slips and ROEs

  • Automated delivery of T4s for tax time
  • ROEs created with ease and delivered to Service Canada

CRA deadlines

  • Automated payments and remittances to the CRA
  • Never miss a deadline again
Personal tax

Individual Tax return

  • T1 personal tax returns click here
  • Document storage and maintenance

Sole Proprietors

  • T1 tax returns for small business owners
  • GST/HST filings


  • T1 tax returns for investors
  • Real Estate, securities and other personal property

Tax planning

  • When should I incorporate my business?
  • When do I have to collect and remit GST/HST?